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Cheap pumps are available online with low cost postage. Canvas for pumps is created from hemp and is a coarse cloth material. The shoe made from canvas is a type of casual shoe or sneaker. Pumps can be purchased in high or low top styles and are available in almost every color you could possibly want. Cheap pumps and canvas shoes are fun, casual, and versatile and not very expensive. A major upside of pumps is that they are a "low maintenance" and "no fuss" kind of shoe.

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keeping ballet pumps clean

Initially after purchasing a pair of ballet pumps it is a good idea to protect your pumps before wearing them by applying a cloth care spray or starch to them. Ballet Pumps are often easy to keep clean. and can be washed in a washing machine when they are dirty! (check your label) Always remove any surface dirt from the sole or sides of the ballet pump with a slightly damp cloth. If the pump muddy then gently scrub them with a soft brush and water first. Canvas shoes can simply be hung on a clothes line to air dry. They generally should be ready to wear in a short period of time.



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Pump sizes

Pump sizes vary and choosing the right pump size is important so read our guide for ladies pumps, men's pumps, children's pumps to ensure that your pumps fit your feet like a glove!

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